UEZ Benefits

UEZ Benefits

The Orange Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) offers a number of benefits to certified businesses and their customers. Certified businesses receive rebates against their annual State unemployment/disability tax paid on qualified employees as well as corporate tax incentives, including waiver of sales tax on qualified products purchased for the business. Businesses must agree to employ at least one additional full-time or two additional part-time employees once they certify as a UEZ business.

Meanwhile, customers who patronize UEZ-certified businesses pay only a 3% sales tax rather than 6% on most goods. The sales tax collected at UEZ-certified businesses is returned to the local UEZ to be spent on projects that will benefit the zone, thus creating a win-win scenario for the local business, its customer, local employment and the UEZ.

For more information about the Orange UEZ and a list of UEZ-certified businesses, please contact UEZ Coordinator Marty Mayes at (973) 266-4051.